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Last update: April 27, 2010

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News Media:

    Hong Kong Chinese:   Ming Pao    Oriental Daily    Apple Daily    Sing Tao    HK Weather

    Hong Kong English:    South China Morning Post    

    Hong Kong Television:    TVB    ATV

    Canada:    Toronto Star    Vancouver Sun    Ottawa Citizen  The Globe and Mail  Sing Tao

    U.S.A.:    New York Times    Washington Post    Los Angeles Times


    TIME    U.S. News & World Report

Financial News:   Exchange rates    Oil prices    Hong Kong Stocks

E-cards:    Hallmark    Blue Mountain



    The Bible On-line (Blue Letter Bible)

    World Time Zone    Lunar Calendar Conversion

    Hong Kong Government        Hong Kong Map    Hong Kong Yellow Pages

    Health:    Health Canada    NIH    WHO    Hong Kong Department of Health

    Hong Kong Consumer Council



        On-line Chinese-English Dictionary: 中文.com

        Changjie Code Mac and Windows - Mac and Windows codes for Chinese Input Changjie

        Changji code lookup 倉頡字碼 - Changji Solution On-line

    Symantec AntiVirus Research Center

    Urban Legends and Folklore - Current Netlore

Computer Software

    Microsoft    Adobe    Macromedia    Symantec

    Moochers Freeware

    MLMPRO - Downline-tracking software for Network Marketers

    Thunderbird - Mozilla Thunderbird email software

    Spam Blacklists - University of Seattle junk mail (unsolicited bulk email or spam) blacklists


    PayPal    eBay